St. Andrews Today

Residents of St. Andrews have a history of collaboration and cooperation, many strong and active leaders, as well as individuals with wide-ranging skills. As is evident from the examples already given, these unique strengths and skills keep improving our community for the future.

In the modern era, the people of St. Andrews have continued to build this community with a solid base of cooperation and volunteerism. During the last 30 years softball fields were built on land donated by a community member, the church and six cemeteries were upgraded, and a fire hall was established.

In the last decade and a half, a curling rink and community center were built, community owned and managed senior’s housing was established, a Community Partnership Association was formed, a community website and Strategic Plan were developed and money was raised to dig 68 wells for villages in India, Africa and Haiti.

SADCC front with cornerstone

Community Center with cornerstone

And the Coady International Institute published a video about our community of St. Andrews called “By Their Own Hands”. It explores reasons why this community has been able to muster active and enthusiastic volunteers for ambitious community initiatives and has maintained a thriving community into the 21st century.  See the video “By Their Own Hands” 

Several times each year, participants of the Coady Institute’s community development courses come to St. Andrews to interview community leaders and to tour some of the facilities.

Coady participants at the community center

Coady participants are welcomed

St. Andrews recognizes its history, tradition and cultural heritage in a myriad of ways. The site of the first mass celebrated in St. Andrews is marked with an altar even though it is in the middle of a hay field. St. Andrews church is decorated with tartan cloth on its balconies and beams. St. Andrews Day is celebrated with a Scottish concert and many entertainers are young, showing an appreciation for their Scottish heritage.

St. Andrews Tartan woven by Margie MacDonald

St. Andrews tartan

Youth are included in the community in other ways as well. For example, one of the 4-H Clubs does an annual village clean up and there are both children and youth choirs at weekend masses. St. Andrews 4-H Club sing Christmas carols for the seniors at SASHA, and Lower South River 4-H members annually make and distribute wreaths to seniors.

Most people are willing to join in a community effort if they are personally invited to do so. This is how people, who might not otherwise get involved, become included in various community projects. This participation ensures they get to know their neighbours and gives them a sense of belonging.

Many hands make light work @ SASHA

Several new projects and study groups show a willingness to foster a respect for the environment such as learning about organic gardening and alternative energy sources. Projects such as these will lead the community into the future. St. Andrews will endure as the community and the people that live within it continue to grow and develop.

In 1987, St. Andrews hosted its first Homecoming weekend and the theme was “St. Andrews Pride, Keep It Alive!” The sense of pride in community accomplishments  as evident before the curling rink, community center and senior’s apartments were even built!bThere are 3 new sub-divisions in St. Andrews and many young couples are choosing to live here because it is a great place to raise a family.