Our Partnerships

One of the reasons St. Andrews enjoys ongoing success is partnerships that have formed over the years. The Fire Department works with Ground Search & Rescue and the Emergency Measures Organization. In the early 1990s they helped the St. Andrews Softball Assoc. to raise $20,000 to put lights on the ball field. St. Andrews Community Partnership is a good example of a formal partnership. Our community organizations are now under one umbrella, enabling more cooperation. Previous to this, one group wouldn’t know what another was planning, so there were occasional overlaps in scheduling of events. This is a good solution to one community challenge.

Something to be proud of is an ongoing informal partnership between the St. Andrews community and the Coady International Institute. The Coady has been bringing their “Mobilizing Assets for Citizen-Driven Development” course participants to St. Andrews to show them real examples of how a community has driven its own development. Community success stories are shared and minds and hearts are opened.

2021 St. Andrews Community Partnership Association

As in other communities in Nova Scotia, there are many vibrant volunteer based organizations functioning in St. Andrews. The umbrella group, St. Andrews Community Partnership, includes many informal community groups, as well as these 14 formal community organizations:

The Bylaws of the St. Andrews Community Partnership are available as a pdf file.