Online auction to raise funds for Tri-Communities COVID-19 Relief Services

Dear Neighbors – WE NEED YOUR HELP

We are in challenging times!

In an effort to be able to assist people who have/are going to be affected by Covid-19, there is a group in Heatherton, Pomquet and St Andrews that are planning an on line auction to raise funds to buy groceries, pay utility bills or pay for transportation for people that need to get to medical appointments out of town. There will be request for help with things we cannot even think of now. An on-line auction is very similar to a silent auction but is done on line.

We will be calling you the community, to ask if you have anything you might be able to donate to the auction. It could be a basket of baked goods, donations of lobster, load of gravel, basket of tupperware products, house cleaning, home cooked meals for say 5 or 6 people, gift certificates, music lessons, home made wood products, Christmas trees(to be picked up in the fall), couple of hours of services like carpentry, painting, electrician, welding, plumber, grocery cards, gas cards, haircuts, etc. The list is endless.

We are looking for prizes worth $25.00 and up.

If you have anything you would like to donate or have a question. Please call:

Joan Bowie Heatherton 902-386-2478
Ed MacDonald Heatherton 902-867-7339
Hughie Richardson St Andrews 902-783-2779
Gloria Deon Pomquet 902-386-2451
Cecilia Delorey Pomquet 902-735-2422
Joanie Broussard Pomquet 902-386-2649
Clarence Deyoung Pomquet 902-870-3279