Oak and Owl Club

The Name Oak & Owl came from an idea given by the late Bennie MacDonald of Fraser’s Mills.

Oak meaning Old

Owl meaning Wisdom

Our organization offers activities of interest to the community:

  • Meetings are held the first Monday of each month.
  • Cribbage every Sunday afternoon beginning at 1:30p.m.
  • 45 Card Play on Monday evenings beginning at 7:30p.m.
  • Social gathering for the members on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Two bursaries are offered annually to a High School Graduate from the community.
  • Plant & Bake Sales are held in the Spring.
  • Bus Trips which include our members as well as members of other clubs.
  • Barb-B-Ques (two) are held during the summer months.
  • Annual Christmas Social and Dinner.

Helping our community when the need arises.

New 2015 Executive:

President: Marie Feltmate

Vice-Pres: Cathy MacNeil

Treasurer: Mary Teasdale

Secretary: Penny Hemens