Community Spirit

SADCC Cornerstone

Community Center cornerstone

In 2008, inspired by a documentary film about St. Andrews produced by Seabright Productions, community members gathered in the community center to reflect on their accomplishments to date, and to discuss possible new initiatives. Community members voted on which ideas they wanted to work on, and formed study groups to move these ideas forward.

St. Andrews Leaky Bucket exercise' Community Voting with dots


Newcomers and seasoned residents alike have been drawn to these new and diverse project ideas:

St. Andrews Community Partnership

St. Andrews community organizations agreed to become partners in a new formal organization (under the Registry of Joint Stock Companies) called the St. Andrews Community Partnership. Acting as an apex level “association of associations” it currently has 14 organizations as members. This has enabled better communication and increased cooperation and collaboration among member organizations. Collectively, they are hiring two summer students to be shared among the organizations over the summer. Also, the Partnership has initiated a community website, which is proving to be an excellent communication tool. Partnership members include: St. Andrews 4-H Club, Catholic Women’s League, St. Andrews District Community Center, St. Andrews District Fire Dept. & Auxiliary, Highlander Curling Club, St. Andrews Home & School Assoc., Knights of Columbus, Oak & Owl Seniors Club, St. Andrews Senior’s Housing Assoc., St. Andrews Softball Assoc., St. Andrews Parish, Tri-Heart Society, St. Andrews Veterans Association and Wishing Wells Society. 


This community website has been created under the direction of the St. Andrews Community Partnership to enable coordinated information exchange, easier coordination of community events and to provide a way for people to stay in touch, especially non-residents. All organizations have an information page and their contact information is readily available through the website.

Community Trails

A trail network was desired in St Andrews community to benefit the health and fitness of residents and visitors. This project will take place in several phases. The first phase (completed) was to construct a loop trail behind the community center in St. Andrews on parish land. It gets well used through 4-H Great Outdoors, school groups and after school programs for walking, skiing and snowshoeing. The K of C, 4-H members and general volunteers planned, constructed and will see to the maintenance of this trail. Recently the Great Outdoors Project of the St. Andrews 4-H Club planted trees in the open areas along the existing trail. 

Trail behind community center

Trail behind community center

In the future, with permission from land owners the plan is to build a stacking loop of trails in the vicinity of and leading to, the banks of the South River. We now have part of a trail along the South River.  It runs along the old Dunmore Rd, but we do not have a bridge over the creek that is very close to Blacksmith Valley rd.  It works well as an out and back trail, getting mushier as you head further south.  It is especially nice in fall with the colours, and in winter when base is frozen.  There is a lot of protection from the wind and wonderful for snowshoeing, esp on a blustery day!

Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Award

St. Andrews community was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Award in 2009. Here are some pictures from the community celebration:

A Royal Welcome Presentation of Spirit Award