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The Ace Has Been Picked

On Thursday March 1, 2018 Emily Worth picked the Ace of Spades in the St. Andrews Chase the Ace winning a grand total of $96, 649.38!  The St. Andrews Community Centre and Volunteer Fire Department sends out a huge thank you to all those who attended Chase the Ace, either a few times or every week.  “Like” the St. Andrews Community Centre Facebook page HERE for a notice of when they will start a new round of Chase the Ace.

Jackie MacDonald (left) with Chase the Ace winner Emily Worth

Chase the Ace continues!


Jason won $1,710

Jason won $1,710

The Ace of spades eluded Jason Burns at the St. Andrews Chase the Ace on Dec 14th, but he won $1,710 and commented how great it is that so many are winning a good amount each week because the Ace of spades is still in play. The jackpot was sitting at $34,815 and will be carried over to Thursday, December 22nd. Come try your luck in week 34 of Chase the Ace!

Chase the Ace Continues!

On Thurs Nov 30th, the pot was nearly $30,000 but it will still be there for next week!
Katie Boyle went home with $1,600 after picking the 4 of diamonds.
Next chance to CHASE the ACE: Thursday, December 7, at St. Andrews Community Center.
… a fundraiser for the Community Center and Fire Department. Y’all come back now y”hear?