Seniors Housing Authority

S.A.S.H.A. AGM Taking Place in March

The St. Andrews Senior Housing Association (S.A.S.H.A.) is holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday March 8, 2022 at 7:00pm in the main hall of the St.Andrews Community Centre.  All COVID-19 protocols (i.e. masking, etc.) will be in place.

At the AGM, a proposed change in bylaw wording will be discussed. The current bylaw wording is “The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of nine elected members.” The proposal is to change the wording so it reads “The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of a minimum of nine and maximum of eleven elected members.”

S.A.S.H.A. Celebrates the Grand Opening of Project Sunshine

Project Sunshine was an undertaking by the St Andrews Seniors Housing Association (S.A.S.H.A.) that improved heating efficiency at the affordable seniors housing building through insulation upgrades, Heat Pump provision, and control improvements as well as a 30kw(AC) dual groundmount Solar PV installation . The grand opening on Friday Sept 24, 2021 was in appreciation of the fiscal participation of Efficiency Nova Scotia and Energy & Mines; land provision through East Coast Credit Union, and development and building permitting involvement of the Municipality of Antigonish. Successful construction in the first quarter of 2021 involved surveying, legal, & construction services by regional service providers, community volunteers, and SASHA residents.   

The project, in its first six months of operation, from mid March thru mid September 2021, reduced energy consumption by about 2,000kwh and the PV solar having generated 29,000 kwh to create an estimated 15 Tonnes Carbon reduction.

(Photo courtesy of Municipality of the County of Antigonish) Shown here SASHA Project Sunshine co-ordinator Leroy MacEachern welcomes various community members, SASHA residents, and several supporting agencies such as ECCU, Efficiency NS, Energy & Mines, and municipal officials to the Sept 24th  grand opening celebration of efficiency improvements and Solar PV installation

Project Sunshine Director Harry Daemen addresses the crowd and discusses the impact the solar panel project will have on SASHA tenants and the community

SASHA tenant John DeCoste discusses the impact the updates made through Project Sunshine will have on tenants

Left to right SASHA Board of Directors members Krista Parsons and Bernard Hanifen, resident Kathleen Gavin cutting ribbon, Catherine Chase (NS Energy & Mines), Charity Carr (Efficiency NS), Jennifer Ajin (ECCU Manager), Owen McCarron (Antigonish Warden) & Harry Daemen (Project Sunshine director)


Efficiency NS Supports Upgrades at S.A.S.H.A.

With the financial support of Efficiency Nova Scotia, the St. Andrews Seniors Housing Association (S.A.S.H.A.) was able to complete a number of upgrades to their 16 unit seniors complex in St. Andrews, Antigonish County.  These upgrades, titled Project Sunshine, were not possible without the support of volunteers and the patience of the tenants at S.A.S.H.A.   For more information on Project Sunshine click HERE



Notice of S.A.S.H.A. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the St. Andrews Seniors Housing Association (S.A.S.H.A.) will be taking place in the main hall of the St. Andrews Community Centre on Tuesday February 16, 2021 at 7:00pm.  COVID-19 protocols will apply.

In case of weather, the cancellation will be announced on the following radio stations: 98.9 CJFX and 101.5 The Hawk.  The storm date (if needed) will be Tuesday February 23, 2021 at 7:00pm in the main hall of the St. Andrews Community Centre.

This meeting is open to the public.

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S.A.S.H.A. AGM in February 2019

Members of the public are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting of the St. Andrews Seniors Housing Association (S.A.S.H.A.).  The AGM takes place on Sunday February 10, 2019 at noon in the main hall of the St. Andrews Community Centre.  S.A.S.H.A. oversees the running of a 16 unit affordable housing complex for seniors.  The complex is located in the heart of the village of St. Andrews.

S.A.S.H.A. Building

Coady Class to St. Andrews

Participants of Coady’s Diploma in Development Leadership (Class of 2018) came for a visit to St. Andrews on July 13th. Seven community members came out to meet and speak with participants who wanted to know how things were done historically in our community and how they happen these days. Participants were impressed with our community centre’s cornerstone which reads “Community Spirit”. And they enjoyed learning what our 14 organizations do and how they work.

Afterwards, they were given a tour of the Highlander Curling Club and SASHA (Senior’s Housing). Sharing some photos here, but there are more to come.

Thank you Joe, Marie, Minnie, Fraser, Gerard, Bria, Brianna, Gord and Kerri-Lynn!